Why you shouldn't do NFTs in 2022


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If you're hoping to make and sell nfts quickly and easily, this is the number one reason you shouldn't do nfts in 2022 because between March and May 2021 pretty much any nfts will be sold and it was similar in the August rush. 

hard to stick-long term mindset

Since then thousands of people start their projects every day and the market is very saturated which means it's hard to stick to and hard to make sales it means you should just give up on your idea then hell most of the people trying to start a nft project won't give up because it's so hard But in another year it will be more difficult so now you are early and still a great opportunity you just need a long term mindset and this is the second reason you should not start an nfc business if you don't have a long term mindset selling nfts will be like selling any Something you need to grow a following and then build a business and that takes a lot of time and if you can't imagine yourself. 

Doing that in five to ten years you're going to have a problem because it's very hard to achieve anything in a year and people lose motivation when their expectations are so high and yes a lot of nfc projects have done amazing things quickly but many of them have been built by experienced teams , 

this wasn't the first rodeo in business or marketing then many others which I hate to say were in the right place at the right time and took advantage of the initial demand versus supply problem if we look at x copy as for example, 

one of the Early nft artist and he's been in the game for three years now so his crazy million dollar sales may feel instant to you but it's the result of persistence and long term mindset from the start. 

Clear goal

the next day the reason why you shouldn't start an nft project and I really believe this project Very important is that you do not have a clear goal not only for your project but for your life so go and write down what you want your life to look like 10 years of time at home you have family cars how much work you want to do on your holiday and sketch out a solution Then set your goal for five years for three years and congratulations for one year, 

you now have a map that will help keep it focused on what really matters When you need to make a decision on your project and you are not sure what to do, 

ask yourself what decision will help me achieve My goal is faster or better and then you will suddenly find things get a lot more obvious Not only are you going to have something to strive for and these goals will keep you motivated through tough times because I guarantee there will be some I also constantly see that when people have clear and ambitious goals they are done Write it down,

 they don't. just hit them but they hit them early the next reason why you shouldn't do nfts is if you've just been into space now by all means go make something and play with technique but don't try to launch anything bigger straight away that's moving speed faster than anything i've seen Nine months ago it's been changed a few times and I'm not sure anyone now can communicate exactly where it's going to end up, 

you need to understand the gas charges.

and the community gets to know who the movers and shakers are they keep an eye on how other projects are doing things and how they don't fail Seriously,

 there were huge bugs and blunders in front of such a large audience that adidas had to pause due to technical issues and this is no joke but a friend of mine wanted to get into space and spent eight hours a day for two weeks researching and then just started to understand what kind of was going on might You feel like you need to act now but take the time to sit back and watch how you develop and how things work will pay off.

Have followers

 the next reason why you shouldn't do something new in 2022 is if you don't have followers they often say this is a chicken and egg attitude Well,

 it's not laying eggs or a chicken stand but how do you look at it because you need a follower of some kind to sell nfts for a lot of projects i saw they started putting a lot of work into it and didn't make any sales then got frustrated and gave up and what more Buyers are brutal in this space and a lot of them just want to buy a project if they think it's going to sell out fast now, 

smarter buyers won't care because they know quality takes time to build but what they'll say is go ahead and start a Twitter account and stick with the community Other than that chances are high on tick tock right now, I'm already seeing kids getting a lot of traction with nft core articles, 

and while the community doesn't currently exist in the same way as Twitter, 

you can still get there early and I think it will grow and then when you spend time in space and start building this community maybe it's time to start building your project now .

Brutal the buyers

the next reason you shouldn't start an nft project is if you have thin skin I can't believe how brutal the buyers in this place are mainly because To there are a lot of get-rich-quick nights out there who only care about quick bucks and if the Nft doesn't go up or down worse you're likely to get a lot of complaints and some of the stupidest comments you'll ever see Developers can't raise the full price People have become They expect flaws only to go up and they want to stack projects on one benefit after another but I think once will move into that mindset you will too The thing is that this is going to be a massive mental stress and trying to reason with these people is going to be a fool's joke , where he made millions in 2021 said he won't go back and do 10k down again for all the reasons I just mentioned, 


the next reason is gas although you can sell nfts for pretty much nothing, you need some kind of crypto to do that, and in At the moment, 

ethereum is still the number one hostile to nfts and it seems that buyers really want nfts on ethereum over other networks, so minting is costing a lot of money on ethereum now going up and down all the time, 

I can't tell you what it will be and hopefully It gets fixed someday but it actually costs a lot to people out of the market and if you don't want to waste thousands on gas or at least hundreds you should consider waiting for it to go down or use another network but keep in mind that other networks may cost you sales because nfts ethereum do d emand premium and you have collectors in a very different way than some other platforms currently


 the next reason you should not sell in tease is if you are not willing to learn everyone now it is a beginner and because of the dunning-kruger effect , you have a lot of newbies and then there are a lot of these guys here now are OK beginners who know they don't know anything and are happy to learn but these guys are the problem they think they know a lot about nfts and they don't, 

you just need to remind yourself even months later In the space that you know nothing and this attitude will keep you humble and open minded and will drive you towards one day becoming an expert accepting they know nothing .

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