SHOULDN'T buy VIRTUAL LAND in the Metavers


It was hard to ignore all the talk about the metaverse but when I heard that you can buy virtual land my real estate instincts had to check what was on the market and of course I tried to evaluate it just like I did with real-world property a never ending bargain before facing four reasons not to even buy anything right Now.

 When buying a plot of raw land, there is a lot to close, you have to do a lot of due diligence in the legal work and the organization of your financing.

The most important part of the buying process is negotiating the right price that is affected by the highest and best possible use and what others are willing to pay for it.

A new metaverse is being used every day and buyers are giving prices in many metrics for crazy ratings Many metaverse proponents are quick to point out that ratings are justified because the i-zone is truly unique and rare which should mimic the real, decentralized world ie only contains 90,000 blocks and what Owners vote it up to increase that number, that number is 22.82 square miles, and that hasn't changed since then, that's OK.

Landfill projects occasionally, but the real land stays fairly static over a lifetime and that's the biggest thing about the metaversus that made me worry if I bought a virtual plot today which is one of the top 5 metaversus out there probably wouldn't be more than 5 today 10 years from now and the land, real or virtual, ultimately derives its value from the number of people who want to spend time there, and I don't have to worry about that problem on the ground because if I buy a plot of land in Manhattan it does a very good job of keeping Over the course of my life, I know that a group of programmers cannot achieve new business relationships, get better ground with better graphics and cheaper transaction costs in the next couple of years, and even if they can travel through space isn't cheap enough to get there fast Enough to gain strength or try. 

The best analogy is to get people to move away from a first-class city to completely new ones, it takes decades for a city culture to really develop and mature, but the bottom line is that real estate prices in first-class cities are much safer than virtual lands at least for now, we Early on its really hard to defend the 3 day web and first mover feature, I fully expect many metavers to emerge alongside battles for supremacy over the crypto-core platforms as alternative cryptocurrencies continue to bring new and better features to the market every day somewhat similar When - Ray outperforms HD DVD but both are lost due to streaming, so I never trust any virtual land I buy today to hold their value, what is this for the moon you say yes there is an absolute chance that an ad part of a vlan could happen 1000 times and it won't In Manhattan at least for the shortest period of my life, the risk profile on virtual land is practically immeasurable right now and anywhere else on the other . 

On the other hand, real estate in Manhattan has an impressive mustache ratio and it seems that many of foreign investors have cited it as a safe alternative to the Swiss bank.

Dealing across three different and highly volatile securities, if I can even call it the first of them, is Ethereum, the primary blockchain in which all decentralized transactions are recorded. 

The third is the same piece of land that can be bought and sold on open exchanges on any given day, I've seen Ethereum Mana and plots swing over five percent and not all in the same direction you might argue that a foreign investor should go through the same thing with real estate, like if he Chinese investor convert CNY to USD and buy land in Manhattan, all of these things can fluctuate but I don't worry about any of these things swing 5 or more a day and I don't worry about exchanging currencies for a better one and I don't worry about creating a new Manhattan in the next couple of years You know why I don't worry too much about Manhattan and the main reasons is that it is the most densely populated area in America even after the beating it received from kovid it became a huge mall with lots of things to do and people.

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